Zendesk is a customer experience platform that constantly pushing the limit of customer satisfaction to higher level and is the leader of customer omnichannel solution in the world.
Quesera is proud to be Zendesk partner since 2019 providing wide range of services from license sales to consulting, implementation support, system integration, and application development.

What’s new on Zendesk?

What do my customers want? The savviest executives are asking this question more frequently than ever, and rightly so. Leading companies understand that they are in the customer-experience business, and they understand that how an organization delivers for customers is beginning to be as important as what it delivers.
In order to do just that, you need to pay attention to the complete, end-to-end experience customers have with a company from their perspective. Too many companies focus on individual interaction touchpoints devoted to billing, onboarding, service calls, and the like. In contrast, a customer journey spans a progression of touchpoints and has a clearly defined beginning and end.

Let your customer shine

  • Easy to implement, use, and scale

  • Be a smooth operator

  • Work smarter, not harder

  • Make it your own — wherever it lives