Sera- CD (Customer Dossier)

  • Sera-CDCustomer Dossier” , we help our client to build a data-driven attribution model to gain more comprehensive insights into their consumer journeys, determine the real value of each touch point, and maximize the conversion of prospects – In short it will ultimately help increase your conversions and decrease on your conversions spending…

  • Sera-CD also commonly known as Customer Data Platform (CDP) can use in many scenarios in which to enhance and help your businesses, including:

    • Connection Online to Offline
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Customer Personalization
    • Retargeting and lookalike advertising
    • A/B Testing
    • Optimizing conversion rates
    • Better and more online reviews
    • Improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and etc.
  • If you organisation have access to a lot of customer data, however struggle to collect, interpret and leverage it effectively; then you cannot achieve a truly connected customer experience across multiple touchpoints, track customer behaviors across all channels, and make recommendations to your customers based on their customer journeys.

  • With a good data strategy and the right Customer Data Platform CDP, you will gain unified view of your customers journey across online and offline touchpoints, allowing you a real-time insight and interactions at just the right moment with your customers.

Quesera Think Tank

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This is where the next big things could have or would have happened with us working closely with our customers/partners on Google Cloud Platform to unlock the limitless possibilities of what Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates.


  • Build up customer profile: Verify & qualify data; Define customer behavior

  • CRM strategy: Approach Activity; Scheme and basic content; Operation

  • Customer Segmentation: Data analysis; Creative content; Trade

  • Customer Journey & Experience Design

  • Engagement & Sale Conversion


  • In the same way you can optimize your customer’s online journey, you can do the same for phone calls. By using Quesera’s Sera-CT “Call Tracking” solution, you can make real-time improvements to your customers interaction for your call agents.

  • Sear-CT “Call Tracking” is imperative for companies that maximise the usage of telephone as a touch point.  The insights about the callers, what inspired them to make the call and what they did prior to picking up the phone can prove invaluable when optimising your marketing initiatives and more accurately determining the return on your investment.

  • If you’re only measuring online conversions via web submission forms then you really are missing a key metric that’s just as important if not more so when determining the success of marketing campaigns. Callers are generally closer to making a purchasing decision and generally attract a higher sale value.  By measuring call data within your analytics or CRM, you are able able to make optimisation decisions based on complete information.

  • Fill that missing metric hole today by engaging a call tracking solution like Sera-CT “Call Tracking” 

S-WiFi (Wifi tracking)

There are various ways of capturing the customers check-in information and one of the most commonly use are the device based check-in via WiFi.

It is very common now WiFi logon are available for people who visits places like coffee shops, supermarkets, malls, real estate showrooms, automotive dealers and etc. Once the customers has logon be it with Instant Login or Info-request Login, Sera-WiFI will then starts it magic by cross-referecing your systems with the customers devices thus allowing you to understand which digital actions that has influenced him/her in the online world.

S-QR (Qr code tracking)

Unique QR codes differ from static QR codes in that there is a different one printed or displayer for every customer, or every situation. For example you have you have a system to print QR codes on a receipt. Each QR code contains information specific to that receipt (money value, time of day, items ordered). No two receipts will show the same QR code. When customer scans the QR code and the check-in done, S-QR will report back that this customer has shown up at the offline location and additional data stored in the unique QR code such as purchase value and etc. These extra data will be linked to any relevant conversions by S-QR. QR codes are great for promotions because they cannot be abused; if they are canned once they become invalid and cannot be redeemed again. However preparation will be needed to setup for printing unique QR Codes at scale, and action to motivate each person to scan the code each time. It is a great way to connect and identify your customers via QR codes.


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