Cloud Analytics

Quesera is your partner to help you assess your data needs and develop the cloud-first data strategy that is best suited for achieving your business goals. 

Almost all analytics leaders struggle with the challenge of scaling infrastructure, finding critical talent, improving costs, and managing the growing expectations from business functions to deliver valuable insights.  Many organisations also recognize that artificial intelligence will create competitive advantage and some are already starting to drive ML Initiatives. However, they are quick to explore ML/AI without first realizing that their current data warehouse may not provide the needed speed and scale for successful ML/AI.  If your company is not good at data analytics, it is not ready for AI.  (as cruel as it sounds but it is a fact.. )

Hence we can help you by using Google Cloud solution to enables your organisation to pull together data from disparate silos and also streaming data, reducing data movement.  As a result, your organisation can accelerate queries without managing the underlying infrastructure. And with role-based access, companies can democratize analytics across an organisation.  

Eliminate roadblocks with a holistic approach to creating end-to-end architectures
Organizations that take a holistic approach to creating end-to-end architectures give themselves the needed speed and scale to capture real-time transactional data needed for building the ML/AI solution. A modern data warehouse fits this need by being able to ingest and persist data in real-time while simultaneously serving analytic queries to a large number of users.

Get up and running fast

Set up your data warehouse in seconds and start to query your data immediately. No clusters to configure, no capacity planning or software set up needed. Run blazing fast SQL queries on gigabytes to petabytes of data with equal ease.

Scale seamlessly

Remove the headache of capacity planning by leveraging Google’s serverless infrastructure that uses automatic scaling with decoupled compute and storage. Meet the challenges of real-time analytics and high-performance streaming ingestion to load millions of rows per second.

Easy to use

Get insights from your data faster with simple SQL. Get the full view of all your data by seamlessly querying data stored in BigQuery’s managed columnar storage, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Bigtable, Google Sheets and Google Drive. Automatically ingest and visualize Google Ads and marketing data using BigQuery Data Transfer Service.

Machine learning built-in

Enable data scientists and data analysts to quickly build and operationalize ML models on planet-scale structured or semi-structured data using simple SQL.

Protect your business data and investments

Experience cutting-edge performance, security and functionality for a cost that fits your budget. Eliminate the data operations burden by providing automatic data replication for disaster recovery and high availability of processing for no additional charge. Easily maintain strong security with fine-grained identity and access management control.

Talk to us today to set up your secure, scalable data warehouse and obtain the cost-effective solution for analytics and built-in machines learning with GCP.